When you order an HC, you are purchasing the following:
1) Experience (the experience of a successful lifetime pro musician and electronics designer)
2) "Seasoned" Ears (it takes a tasteful balance of both musicality and "electronic smarts" to design & produce an HC)
3) Time - HCs are quite time consuming to build, and it is intense & unforgiving work. Extensive tests & ear tweaking are done throughout the assembly process - these steps cannot be shortened or eliminated, because every electronic component has a "plus/minus" tolerance, and this must be compensated for to achieve ideal performance & tone. No unit is sold unless it passes all final performance tests, and this includes a "player's satisfaction test" by yours truly, testing for both tone and feel. 
4) Specialized/Custom-built components and point-to-point hand wiring. No circuit boards, solder terminals, wave-soldering, etc. - each connection is made individually and secured by complete epoxy potting (black & nonconductive - *very* expensive stuff). This 100% potting turns the whole HC into one *giant* heat-sink, and "freezes" all components & wiring into permanent position. Zero movement equals zero possibility of any mechanically-induced malfunction of the HC's internal circuitry.
5) A quality sonic device that will help you achieve *substantially* more natural & organic sounding analog tones (sans physical cabs & mics) from your modeler in many different situations.

* New extra heavy-duty 1/4" jacks *

The new HCs come with heavy-duty cast-aluminum enclosures with a durable powder-coated black finish, and all come with heavy-duty, chassis-mounted 1/4" jacks (metal, not plastic) and a recessed "Drive" control which dials in the preferred amount and character of HC processing, and also provides an "Effect Off" setting. The "GT LOOP" version has one mono in & out, whereas the "Headphone Out" Stereo model has one TRS (stereo) 1/4" input (same as your modeler's headphone output - the TRS stereo connection cable is included), and two mono outs. Sorry, but I can no longer build custom HCs, other than moving the jack locations around, because it has become increasingly complex and time consuming.

Current HC Pricing
* Factoid: The price of al HC models has not gone up in over 4 years *
The Stereo HC is actually 2 complete HCs in one box, controlled by one Drive pot. This model works great connected to any modeler's headphone out (POD XT, VOX ToneLab, GNX3000, etc), and can also be used with most modeler's main outs as well. One 1/4" TRS cable is included to quickly connect up to both left & right HC inputs. I can also build a mono version of this design for $60 less. Note: This model is *not* designed to directly drive headphones (this could cause damage and sound awful).
The LOOP HC was originally designed for Boss GT Loop circuitry, so it is extremely effective at making these units sound much more real & amp-like. The newest incarnation is now more versatile (extra control). When used in the GT effects loop (placed after the OD/Amp models, but before the Stereo effects), the HC processing is heard at all outputs (even digital), and all stereo effects following the loop will be heard with 100% stereo imaging. The LOOP HC is also designed so that a typical OD/Distortion pedal (or other stomp box) can be placed in the same loop before the HC with great sounding results. The GT8/10’s "stereo amp" feature can still be accessed by using one of the GT's excellent ODs for the distortion/overdrive source into the HC, and then into 2 of the GT's clean/semi-clean amps - Fat City! ;o) I can build a stereo version of this design for an additional $60 (for use with the GT-Pro).
NEW!!!  POD X3 Live/HD500  Loop HC= $215 USD/Stereo Version = $275 USD
This new model is specifically tweaked to be used in the Loop of the X3L/HD500
Let's Be Fair.... It is always tempting to compare the price of a hand-built, point-to-point wired, "boutique" unit like the HC to the typical sweatshop assembly-line products manufactured in China, etc. Please keep in mind that there is a big difference in both approach and quality between the two extremes. As the creator/designer of the HC, I have an intense concern about the quality of both construction and performance for every HC - thus I go to great lengths to make sure that *each* unit I produce meets every performance spec, as well as the heavy-duty build quality they are known for.

Ordering & Payment
I accept payment by PayPal, because it is a secure and instantaneous transaction, greatly speeding up the whole process.  Units are built and shipped in the order of receipt of payment. The s/h within the contiguous USA is a flat rate of $15 via US Priority Mail, and takes 2 to 3 days in transit. All payments should be sent to Radtones@aol.com

* New International Shipping Policy *
I am now willing to ship HCs internationally under these specific conditions:
I will be responsible for packaging & shipping your HC in timely fashion from the LA area - after that point, I assume no responsibility other than proving that the HC was shipped, and the date of shipment.  It will be solely up to the recipient to locate the item if local customs, or any other problem impedes delivery, and I will not be further involved.  If this is not acceptable, then please do not proceed with an International order.  All International orders are final and non-refundable.

To begin the ordering process, please contact me at Radtones@aol.com.  Please include specifics about your gear and how you would be using the HC within your gear chain, so I can help you select the best HC model and optimize it for your setup.mailto:Radtones@aol.commailto:Radtones@aol.comshapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1
Purchasing a Harmonic Converger

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